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Ketone salts contain beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) what bound to a mineral ion, usually a balanced electrolyte formulation. KETOSTART® is a ketone salt mix with electrolytes.


While many exogenous ketone supplements on the market contain a few hundred mgs, 1g or 6g active ingredient (ketone salt, BHB) per serving, KETOSTART® contains 10g* BHB per serving. *(600mg Ca-BHB  - 960mg Ca) + (6000mg Na-BHB- 1065mg Na) = 9975mg BHB


Exogenous ketones work in a dose-dependent manner. Ideally, at least 10g of BHB is needed per serving to effectively elevate blood ketone levels in a person of normal body weight and induce considerable ketosis that also lasts for some time. KETOSTART® contains 10g* BHB per serving. *(600mg Ca-BHB  - 960mg Ca) + (6000mg Na-BHB- 1065mg Na) = 9975mg BHB


Some exogenous ketone supplements do not state on the label specifically the amount of BHB included per serving. On the KETOSTART® label you find the amount of each ingredient listed.

Form of ketone

KETOSTART® contains both enantiomers, R(D) BHB and S(L) BHB stereoisomer molecules, to ensure high level and sustained elevation of ketones in the body. Note: the currently available blood ketone meters will only register the R(D) BHB enantiomer, so your blood ketone level is about twice as high than what the blood ketone meter shows when you take ketone salt supplement containing both enantiomers.


In KETOSTART® the BHB is bound to a balanced blend of minerals in order to avoid unwanted GI side effects, while also providing additional electrolytes that are complementing the ketogenic diet nicely.

Company Integrity

We are not hiding the exact amount of ingredients behind the label of “proprietary blend”.

Added Ingredients

We only use ingredients that are needed and backed by science. Nothing is unnecessary or harmful in KETOSTART®.

Carbohydrate content

While some ketone supplements have relatively high carbohydrate content (close to 30%), KETOSTART® contains less than 1g sugar.


While other products might include less active ingredient (BHB), they charge higher price. KETOSTART® is made affordable so more people can enjoy its benefits.


Many supplements are not even palatable, too bitter, too sweet, leave weird aftertaste in your mouth or simply just not pleasant. You can be sure that both versions of KETOSTART® have delicious taste that will make you want to drink more even just for the taste.


Some products are hard to access, ship, difficult to find, or served in a style that doesn’t suit your needs. You can order KETOSTART® easily online at and get it shipped to your door.


KETOSTART® sachets are designed to make it convenient to carry them in your purse or pocket, whether you go to work, to hike or to the gym, so they are always at hand when you need extra energy.


Some ketone supplements are impossible to dissolve and you end up with weird clumps floating around in your drink. KETOSTART® is easy to mix and gets dissolved quickly to give you the highest quality experience.

Shelf life

Some powdered ketone supplements harden over time, turn to a tub of rock and no longer mixes nicely in liquid. KETOSTART® is conveniently packaged by serving and maintains the powder form.

Tolerability and Side Effects

The most common side effect of ketone supplements is GI distress (e.g. diarrhea), which can get pretty inconvenient while hiking or working out. KETOSTART® was carefully formulated to avoid GI distress.


KETOSTART® contains no artificial sweeteners and to avoid bitter aftertaste, we use monk fruit, instead of stevia.

Environmental friendly packaging

KETOSTART® is the only ketone supplement with environmental friendly packaging. Our boxes are made of tree free paper, based on sugar cane, and the inks are based on soy.

Support a cause

Portion of the sales is donated to support scientific research, charities and athletes. Find out what are the great causes Audacious Nutrition supports!

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