The difference is that Ketostart has no caffeine and has Tropical flavor, while Ketostart+ has 100mg caffeine/serving and has Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

You can find more information about the products here:

For most people we recommend taking 1 or 2 sachets per day. If the product is used for managing a metabolic disorder up to 3 sachet per day may be used. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have any doubt regarding your medical condition.

Anytime when you need extra energy. In the morning KetoStart+ might be more beneficial because of the caffeine content and during the afternoon hours KetoStart (without caffeine) might be a better option.

In general, taking 1 sachet a day will provide great benefits, you may drink it at once (e.g.before a workout) or you can dilute it in larger amount of water and sip on it all day to maintain blood ketone levels higher throughout the day providing energy and focus more consistently. Everybody is different, you need to experiment what works best for you. Depending on age, body weight, activity and stress level, how well your body is able to metabolize ketones, you may find that half sachet is enough to reach the desired benefits, but someone might want to use 2 sachets per day.

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The main goal when flavoring the products was to mask the intense bitterness of BHB and other unpleasant aftertastes. We understand that each one of us has different taste preferences and sensory perception. If the flavor is not the most ideal for you, you may flavor it as you like, e.g. add a few drops of lemon or mix it with your preferred beverage, so you can still enjoy the benefits of these high quality products.

Please find the ingredient list and the amount of ingredients here:

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Yes, we offer wholesale opportunity. You may use discount code WHOLESALE at checkout to get 30% OFF (minimum purchase 10 boxes). The discount code is valid only from full price, it does not work together with any other discount codes or with subscription pricing.

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Some might claim that D-BHB is superior, compared to D,L-BHB (or often called racemic), however, there are many benefits of L-BHB, so KETOSTART contains a mix of 1 to 1 ratio D- and L-BHB.

For example, L(S)-BHB is an important molecule as signaling, anti-inflammatory and epigenetic regulator.

L (S)-BHB-CoA is a transient intermediate in the final round of β-oxidation of fatty acids. Experiments involving infusions of labeled D(R)-BHB, S-BHB, or mixtures thereof into rats or pigs found that S-BHB is converted mostly to R-BHB; the molecular pathway for this is not known, but it may occur through conversion of S-BHB to acetyl-CoA and then production of R-BHB from acetyl-CoA. At least some of the S-BHB is eventually converted to CO2, presumably also after being metabolized to acetyl-CoA.

L (S)-BHB is metabolized much more slowly than D (R)-BHB is, so that consumption of the same amount of L (S)-BHB may result in higher and more sustained blood levels of S-BHB compared with a similar consumption of D (R)-BHB.

A recent study shows an important aspect of D,L-BHB supplementation, as L‐BHB concentrations increased extensively in the brain, heart, liver, and muscle tissues, whereas a less intense increase in D‐BHB was observed only in the heart and liver.

Another way L-BHB interacts with our immune system and may lower inflammation is by directly inhibiting the activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome, which has also been shown in cell culture studies. A recent study showed that this anti-inflammatory effect occurred in the presence of both D- and L-BHB. This can have important implications when considering that L-BHB stays in the bloodstream longer, and thus greater potential for suppressing chronic systemic and neuroinflammation. 

We also found D(R)-BHB ineffective for reducing seizure activity, while the mix of D,L-BHB was found effective, but certainly more scientific research is needed on this topic. This formulation was also found to be more GI tolerable.

Unfortunately, the currently available blood ketone meters are only able to detect D-BHB, and unable to measure L-BHB, so this can lead to a common misunderstanding. You actually have about twice as high BHB level in your blood than your blood ketone meter shows when you take a D,L mix BHB supplement, such as KETOSTART (as it is 1:1 ratio D and L BHB).

Read more on this topic here.

The Audacious Nutrition products contain 50%-50% D and L BHB and the currently available ketone meters are only able to detect D BHB, so only half of the ketones are registering on the ketone meters. It is also possible that your body is using up the ketones faster as it may be depleted of energy. 

1 box contains 10 sachets. Some people will use only half sachet per day because this is a highly potent formulation, some people will use 1-2 per day when using the product to manage a metabolic disorder. It is really up to an individual to experiment what is the most effective dose depending on the desired outcome.

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Considering that many other products have 1g, 3 g or just 5g BHB /serving and sometimes a sachet costs $8-9, Ketostart is reasonably priced with 10g BHB/serving for $5. If you subscribe a sachet would only cost $4 ($40/1 box/10 sachets). You may use the wholesale discount code WHOLESALE at checkout for 30% OFF (minimum purchase 10 boxes) to get 1 sachet of KETOSTART for only $3.5.

The total beta-hydroxybutyrate dose ranging from 30g to 101 g administered over multiple doses as a short infusion was shown to be safe, with most studies using the racemic form. There is an interesting article, providing some safety data on BHB:

When you buy KETOSTART, with every purchase you support not only your own health, but also some great causes! In 2022 Audacious Nutrition donated to numerous projects and organizations, click here to find out more about them!

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